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Perfectly designed and elegantly tailored, the fabric Ipad stand boasts a modern and unique look. Unlike other display products that can only present the brands and slogans in a static way, the fabric Ipad stand display your product information in a more dynamic way by not only showing crisp and clear images, but also playing relevant videos.
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■ Grab People’s Attention with the Novel Outlook

The fabric Ipad stand, a fabric stand and shelf for Ipad, is an innovative display. Because of its special design and simple frame, the fabric table stand can quickly grab people’s attention no matter where you choose to put it, at a trade show, an exhibition, in retail or any other places that you can imagine. With the novel outlook, the fabric Ipad stand can always allow you to get the most appealing booth at the promotional events.

■ Unique Design for Versatile Use

Characterized with lightweight fabrics and vibrant graphics, fabric Ipad stand is ideal for usage to promote your products or company.Meanwhile, equipped with an Ipad stand on the top, the fabric Ipad stand is convenient for you to exhibit your products and show the lively pictures with the Ipad. The static images as well as the dynamic video can expose your brands and slogans to a larger extend, thus doubling the display effects.

■ Easy to Install and Tear Apart

The frame of fabric Ipad stand is quite simple. The “L” frame is consist of several poles which can be easily connected and set up as well as tear apart. After setting up the frame, you just need to cover the fabric on the frame and close the zipper. Then just a few minutes, you can get the fabric Ipad stand. When tearing apart the fabric stand, you just need to conducts the steps vice verse.

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  • Fabric Ipad Stand

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Item No.Display SizePrint SizeDisplay WeightMaterial
E17V11 38×132cm 38×130cm 3kg 210g Elastic Knitted
250g Soft Knitted
260g Elastic Knitted


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