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■ Custom Flags Made for your Special Occasions

Are you planning for a special occasion? Then the custom flags may be the best for you. A custom flag is one of the best display tools to make your messages delivered by creating a special scenario for you. Whether it is an anniversary celebration, a grand ceremony, a trade show or an exhibition, let everyone know your celebration or promotional activity just by setting up a flying custom flag. With a custom flag fluttering at your advertising ceremony or trade show, your booth or stand will be unique and eye-catching.

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■ Elegantly Tailored and Custom Shaped

Flags can help you grab people’s attention either by their eye-catching size or their novel shapes. One of the biggest advantages of using custom flags is that you can always get personalized sizes and customized shapes. We offer the custom flags with 3 standard sizes as well as a number of custom sizes. And the shapes of our custom flags include square, pennant, burgee and a variety of custom shapes. Whenever you need a custom flag, just tell us the specifications and we can customized it for you.

■ Various Fabrics for Versatile Flags

Custom flags can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. China-Flag-Makers offers quite a variety of fabrics for custom flags to suit your promotional occasions. If you are going to have an indoor advertising trade show, the fabrics with high penetration that can double expose your brands and logos may be the best. If you are planing for an outdoor promotional event, the water-proof material may be a good choice. If you are not quite sure about which kind of material is better for your upcoming event, just contact us and our professional marketing representatives can help you with it.

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