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Every month, there are some customers, whose main business are signs and banners, textile printing and display adverting in the targeted market, coming to China. Among all these customers, some of them integrate the manufacturing and marketing, some run their business online, and some are traditional importers and wholesalers. Every year, they will spare some time to visit our office and our factory, then after that, they will always ask me the same question: what is your business plan for the next 3-5 years? It seems that this is the most frequently asked question and a question that our partners are most concerned about. Meanwhile, I think that the business plan for the future is the business strategy, to be specific, it is the goal for the coming year we made at the end of every year.


Generally, we will speculate on the growth rate from inside to outside. First, we will review the growth of last year, the year before last year and three years ago, then we will get a growth rate in the past three years. If the growth rate we get is 15%, our growth goal of 2018 will equal the total revenue of 2017 multiply by 15%. Finally, we will divide our annual goal into monthly goals and achieve them month by month. This is the planning. But does this planning equal to the strategy? Is this achievable? In the process of industry-changing and iterating, it is obvious that strategy is hard to achieve without innovation and iteration. We can achieve a doubled growth through one innovation at a time. Also, we may make a growth goal that is lower than that of last year based on our business status quo.

This year is an upgrading year and as well as a deep plowing year for China-Flag-Makers. In the company, we advocate that we would rather be a company with muscles than that with fat and we would rather earn a firm 100 million than an artificial 200 million. Based on this, we could go for a higher aim.

In short, without innovation, the strategy is hard to make just through planning. The true strategy is about thought, the thought of growth path.


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